Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs

History of the area / Neighborhood overview


Located within the Coachella Valley in California, Palm Springs has quickly become a hotspot for tourism and a happening place to buy or rent. Due to the desert and mountains surrounding the area, there is ample opportunity for recreational activities, including biking, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and tennis. 

The city’s attractive mid-century modern architecture and design, along with its burgeoning art and cultural scenes and growing nightlife, has made living in Palm Springs one of our favorite places in California. Not to mention, the city is also only about 110 miles southwest of the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. 

There are 33 neighborhoods within Palm Springs, several of which have important cultural and historical significance. Designers and historians alike are ensuring the preservation of many buildings and homes that belong to, or have once belonged to, celebrities, businessmen, and politicians. 

The population is about 45,000, but this number doubles in the winter season, no doubt due to the 360 days of sunshine and the dry desert heat. Palm Springs is constantly growing and evolving. The downtown area is seeing more and more hotels, restaurants, shops, boutiques, and entertainment venues. It’s a place for both celebrating and relaxing, as long as you’re enjoying yourself. 


Demographic Breakdown


Median household income: $47,777

Average resident age: 54.5 years 

Median condo/ home value: $361,570 

Median gross rent: $1,023

Sourced from: City Data


Local Attractions  


Ace Hotel & Swim Club

The Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs is a 179-room hotel, spa, and resort. From its convenient location, you can bike to downtown or drive to popular spots like Joshua Tree and Salvation Mountain. Aside from the hip modern architecture and the incredible pool, the resort offers serious relaxation through natural treatments at their Feel Good Spa. 


Indian Canyons 

The Indian Canyons is comprised of over 60 miles of breathtaking hiking and walking trails. Palm Canyon is known for its beautiful indigenous flora and fauna. Murray Canyon is filled with palm trees and is a relatively easy hike south from Andreas Canyon. Other popular trails within the Indian Canyons include Victor, Dry Walsh, and Hahn Buena Vista.  


Palm Springs Art Museum 

Visiting the Palm Springs Art Museum is a transformative experience that allows you to see more of the world and the people within it through collections, exhibitions, and programs. The museum focuses on art and culture of today, which inspires reflection and connects audiences from all walks of life.  




Elmer’s Restaurant 

Locally-owned Elmer’s is an institution. The restaurant chain has been around since 1960 offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that feature the likes of lingonberry crepes, cinnamon roll pancakes, farm-fresh eggs with fresh avocado, a Northwest Dungeness crab salad, rock-salt prime rib, wild pacific cod with garlic butter, and their famous clam chowder. 


Bill’s Pizza 

The Palm Springs Bill’s Pizza location serves some of the finest pizza you will find in the world. Bill traveled around the country, and then to Italy, to find the best pizza-making style for his own restaurant. After eating numerous slices and attending a pizza-making seminar with Chris Bianco, winner of the 2003 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Southwest, Bill decided he was ready to open Bill’s Pizza, where they use only the finest ingredients, including imported pizza flour from Italy. 


Trio Restaurant 

Trio has an eclectic menu. The oven-roasted Australian sole is served with parsley, capers, lemon zest, bread crumbs, and brown butter. The wild mushroom linguine features shiitake, cremini, portobello mushrooms in a herbed white wine cream sauce. The St. Louis style spare ribs are made with a chipotle rub and a house-made barbecue sauce. 


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Economic Data for Zip Code 92262

Household Income Graph

  • 1187Income bar graph 1187Income bar graph 1187
  • 832Income bar graph 832Income bar graph 832
  • 823Income bar graph 823Income bar graph 823
  • 979Income bar graph 979Income bar graph 979
  • 951Income bar graph 951Income bar graph 951
  • 955Income bar graph 955Income bar graph 955
  • 889Income bar graph 889Income bar graph 889
  • 725Income bar graph 725Income bar graph 725
  • 574Income bar graph 574Income bar graph 574
  • 838Income bar graph 838Income bar graph 838
  • 1269Income bar graph 1269Income bar graph 1269
  • 1551Income bar graph 1551Income bar graph 1551
  • 733Income bar graph 733Income bar graph 733
  • 488Income bar graph 488Income bar graph 488
  • 755Income bar graph 755Income bar graph 755
  • 618Income bar graph 618Income bar graph 618
  • 0-10k
  • 10k-15k
  • 15k-20k
  • 20k-25k
  • 25k-30k
  • 30k-35k
  • 35k-40k
  • 40k-45k
  • 45k-50k
  • 50k-60k
  • 60k-75k
  • 75k-100k
  • 100k-125k
  • 125k-150k
  • 150k-200k
  • 200k+

Note: Household Income figures are based on total household income.

* All numbers in this section are 2016 projections provided by Geolytics Inc

Demographics Data for Zip Code 92262

  • 1914Demographics bar graph: 1914Demographics bar graph: 1914
  • 1980Demographics bar graph: 1980Demographics bar graph: 1980
  • 1741Demographics bar graph: 1741Demographics bar graph: 1741
  • 1628Demographics bar graph: 1628Demographics bar graph: 1628
  • 1625Demographics bar graph: 1625Demographics bar graph: 1625
  • 1707Demographics bar graph: 1707Demographics bar graph: 1707
  • 1705Demographics bar graph: 1705Demographics bar graph: 1705
  • 1711Demographics bar graph: 1711Demographics bar graph: 1711
  • 1792Demographics bar graph: 1792Demographics bar graph: 1792
  • 1994Demographics bar graph: 1994Demographics bar graph: 1994
  • 2082Demographics bar graph: 2082Demographics bar graph: 2082
  • 2089Demographics bar graph: 2089Demographics bar graph: 2089
  • 1989Demographics bar graph: 1989Demographics bar graph: 1989
  • 1783Demographics bar graph: 1783Demographics bar graph: 1783
  • 1529Demographics bar graph: 1529Demographics bar graph: 1529
  • 1226Demographics bar graph: 1226Demographics bar graph: 1226
  • 907Demographics bar graph: 907Demographics bar graph: 907
  • 1692Demographics bar graph: 1692Demographics bar graph: 1692
  • 0-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-14
  • 15-19
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80-84
  • 85+

* All numbers in this section are 2016 projections provided by Geolytics Inc

Population Data for Zip Code 92262

  • 26,179Population 26,179
  • 31,094Population 31,094
  • 30,162Population 30,162
  • 2012 Census
  • 2014 Estimated
  • 2019 Projected


  • Total (2010 Census):13,975
  • Estimated (Present):14,167
  • Projected (2019):13,613
  • Household Change (2010-Present) 1.37%
  • Household Change (2010-2017) -2.59%


  • Figures in the Population Change graph represent total population for the zip code.
  • Estimated Change 2014 shows the percentage of population change between the 2012 Census and 2014.
  • Projected Change 2019 shows the projected percentage of population change between the 2012 Census and 2019.

* All numbers in this section are 2016 projections provided by Geolytics Inc

Public Schools in Zip Code 92262

  • Name
  • District
  • Grades
  • Address
  • City
  • Students
  • 9th-12th
  • 2,259

  • 6th-8th
  • 1011 VISTA CHINO
  • 1,066

  • 7th-11th
  • 2248 EAST RAMON RD
  • 108

  • K-5th
  • 615
  • K-5th
  • 556

Private Schools in Zip Code 92262

  • Name
  • Grades
  • Address
  • City
  • Students
  • Desert Sunshine Preschool Kindergarten
  • PreK-12th
  • 1800 Via Negocio
  • Palm Springs
  • 89
  • Jewish Community School Of The Desert
  • PreK-12th
  • 332 W Alejo Rd.
  • Palm Springs
  • 39
  • Kiddie Kollege
  • PreK-12th
  • 490 Compadre Rd.
  • Palm Springs
  • 53
  • Montessori School Of Palm Springs
  • PreK-12th
  • 3692 Chia Rd.
  • Palm Springs
  • 30
  • K-8th
  • 455 S Compadre Rd
  • Palm Springs
  • 337
Community demographic data is provided by Geolytics Inc. Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

Schools listed are those in the Zip Code of the listing, but may not serve this address.
School Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).
All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale or withdrawal. Data may not be reproduced or redistributed and may not be used for any purpose other than individual consumer's use.